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The George and Pilgrims

Saturday 15th October 2016

Only £55

District: Glastonbury

Time: 8pm until 3am

Join John Blackburn and the Enigma Experiment in a location that has been dubbed “The occult Capital of England.” Glastonbury is shrouded in Arthurian myths and legends of King Arthur, it was said to be the final resting place of the King after being wounded in battle by Mordred at the battle of Camlan. It is said that King Arthur was taken across the water to the Isle of Avalon to heal his wounds.   

It is believed that Glastonbury would have been an Island at this time and the monastery he was taken to would have been Glastonbury Abbey.  Mortally wounded this was to be the mighty king’s final resting place.  In 1191 rumours encouraged the excavation on the south side of Lady Chapel where it was said the King was buried.  At the depth of ten feet monks found a stone with the inscription “his iacet Arurius in insula Avalonia” – “Here lies King Arthur buried in Avalon” two bodies were found and believed to be the remains of Arthur and Guinevere.  The remains were moved to a black marble tomb in the 1200s and destroyed along with all documentation of King Arthur’s existence when King Henry Vlll administered a legal process that would lead to the Dissolution of the Monasteries.  

Throughout the centuries wealthy pilgrims and visitors flocked to Glastonbury in their droves, the George and Pilgrims was built 1475 to accommodate the visitors.  An underground tunnel once run from the hotel to the Abbey gatehouse.  There is the legend of a monk who was walled up in the tunnel whilst still alive for clandestine trysts.  

There are many other ghosts associated with The George and Pilgrims.  Ghostly footstep, slamming doors and a floating head was reported to have been seen in one of the bathrooms of a guest’s bedroom.  The ghost of a laughing monk and a very tall man who was reported to have long arms has also been reported.  My experience of the location was also associated with one of the bathrooms.  About five years ago during an all night vigil the sound of a water tap opened fully with the water splashing against the sink basin could be heard very clearly.  When the door was opened the tap was off and the sink was dry.

 George and Pilgrims

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