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Vane Tempest Hall with John Blackburn Physical Medium

Saturday 27th April 2019

 Only £15

 District: Durham, County Durham

Time: 9pm until 3am

 Vane Tempest Hall Pay in Full £15

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The Vane Tempest Hall has had an incredible history dating back to the 1860's.  In its time the venue has been home to a number of Army units and even doubled as a smallpox hospital in 1884.  

The Barracks stables were used as the smallpox hospital, which included a "dead room" for storing deceased bodies.  As can be expected, this area is considered to be extremely haunted and many have reported paranormal experiences while working in the buildings.  There are many reports of activity varying from slamming doors to a sighting of a soldier roaming the grounds, he died as he accidentally blew himself up whilst loading a cannon. People who have seen his ghost state that it was a frightening experience as he became disfigured from the accident.  Footsteps and sounds of dragging have been heard throughout the halls along with murmuring voices.  A lady in white has also been witnessed roaming the barracks and also the burial grounds situated next door.

Vane Tempest Hall