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John Blackburn Physical Medium at Todmorden Unitarian Church

Saturday  30th March 2019

 Only £25

 District: Todmorden, West Yorkshire

Time: 8pm until 2am

Todmorden Unitarian Church Deposit £10

Todmorden Unitarian Church Balance £15

 Todmorden Unitarian Church Pay in Full £25

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John Blackburn Physical Medium is taking you to a location which is unique, and is a rare opportunity to take part in an investigation at a very haunted Gothic Church.  Overlooking the historic market town of Todmorden the commanding presence of the Todmorden Unitarian Church stands proud!  The church was designed by John Gibson who specialised in the Gothic revival style of architecture which began in England in the late 1740s.

This grade 1 listed building was constructed between 1865 and 1869.  Unfortunately by the late 20th century the slow decline in its congregation was such that the church closed its doors in 1987. The historical chapels trust took over the building in 1994 and continue to look after this magnificent church. Over the years there have been lots of reported paranormal phenomena from dark shadows, the sound of unexplained voices and phantom footsteps have all been heard. So join John Blackburn Physical medium on a paranormal investigation like no other! This event will not be suitable for the fainthearted and there are limited places available so we can ensure you have a memorable experience that you are unlikely to forget in a hurry....  

Todmorden Unitarian Church


from the woods, hence the name was born!  Straight from a horror movie there have also been reports of phantom footsteps and sinister whispering emanating from thick fog rolling from within the woods.  It is believed that the woods are haunted by the souls of the many people who have met their doom and are still seen today in the form of ghostly black shadows that can be seen weaving their way through the undergrowth.  In 1948 there was the Dering Woods massacre, 20 corpses plied high were discovered by the police, and incidentally this case was quickly closed and subsequently covered up.