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Thorne Former Workhouse Paranormal Investigation

Saturday  7th April 2018

 Only £29

 District: Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Time: 9pm until 2am

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You may think that scavenging of the poor was the lowest of the low, in reality, the really destitute ended up in the Workhouse. With the new poor laws of 1834, the Victorians Workhouses ended up being more horrible than when the original Workhouse Act of 1722 was introduced. The whole point of the Workhouse was that the jobs you did there would have to be worse than anything you did outside. In the 1850’s there were 200,000 people in Workhouses all over the country, for these people it was as low as you could go. Once in the Workhouse, it was very difficult to get out, men were kept separate from women, girls were kept separate from the boys and the able boded from those less fit, and all the jobs were a punishment for being poor! The jobs were extremely hard and punishing. Rock breaking was a task of breaking large rooks into small stones for the roads. Oakum picking was the task of breaking the rope down into the strands and then picking it down to the yarn, then the yarn into the fibers of the hemp which was sold to the shipyards for ship building. A couple hours of Oakum picking would result in the ends of the fingers bleeding. Hence the term “Money for old Rope.” Whatever jobs you were given in the Workhouse you had to do, you had no choice in the matter. 35,000 of the unfortunate people who ended up in the Workhouses were under the age of 12. The treatment was hash and cruel and whipping was common place for those who had enough and tried to escape.

The misery and suffering of the Workhouse would be a perfect recipe for the classic haunting. Thorne Workhouse in Sunderland is no exception. The main part of Thorne Workhouse was demolished; however, the front section of the Workhouse survived and in 1940 became military billeting until 1944 when it was taken over by a local unit of Sea Cadets. The fabric of the building of the former Workhouse of the Thorne Sea Cadets still to this day hold emotional and traumatic memories from times gone by when punishment was for being poor!   Take part in a night of paranormal investigation, unique experiments, ghost hunting vigils and much more with your host Maxine Jayne Briggs and Paranormal Investigator/ medium John Blackburn from Enigma Paranormal Events.

Thorne Former Workhouse