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Ghosts of the Leopard Inn


 Only £45

 District: Stoke on Trent

Time: 9pm until 3am

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Join John Blackburn at the Leopard Inn in Burslem, which is said to be one of the most cursed buildings around. The Leopard Inn looks like an ordinary public house on the outside, but the building holds a dark secret from its disturbing past, there are many derelict rooms from its time as a grand hotel, which all are said to be very haunted. Everybody who lives in the north of Stoke on Trent knows the legend of Molly Leigh. Molly was a regular to the inn and was labelled a witch, and due to her treatment and execution it was said that she put a curse on the Inn. Since her death there have been countless vicious murders within the pubs rooms.  Poltergeist activity is said to be very active in the dark intimidating rooms and if you decide to join us it is recommended that you stay close for this is a location not for the fainthearted...

The Leopard Inn