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Event Details 

Terror at Raven Croft Manor

Saturday 29th April 2017

Only £40

District: Sutton-on-Hull, East Yorkshire

Time: 9pm until 3am

Join John Blackburn and Maxine Jayne Briggs from the Enigma Experiment who will be taking you to East Yorkshire home a private residence that we have called “Raven Croft Manor” to protect the identity of the owner and the location. It appears that the manor has three ley lines that converge at this location, including one from Stonehenge. This could possibly be why the manor is a hotbed for paranormal activity. On entering the manor you can feel the foreboding atmosphere within its walls, a location whose history of paranormal incidents will send shivers down your spine. To mention just a few there have been reports of multiple different types of activities from voices, lots of shadows, objects being moved or disappearing which reappear again in a different place. People have been held down in their beds. Incidents of being slapped, pushed, whispers and apparitions which seem to be getting worse. When the veil has lifted between our world and the other world we will embark on an investigation where trepidation waits. You will be taking part in Victorian style séances, ghost hunting vigils and experiments and event lone vigils for those who want to stand in the presence of evil. Book soon for this is an experience you will never forget and not one for the fainthearted. 



Terms and Conditions

Raven Croft Manor Pay in Full  Raven Croft Manor Pay in Full Raven Croft Manor Pay in Full  Meeting place to be confirmed Map Button