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Paranormal Evening at Spirit House

Saturday  7th December  2019

 Only £29

 District: Evesham, Worcestershire

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Join John Blackburn Physical Medium for the last event of the year, we have chosen an event in the Worcestershire area which is not overused and managed correctly by the owners Michael and Sue who run regular spiritual and development events at the location, thus keeping the location active and constantly refreshed. “Spirit House” in Evesham, Worcestershire is an ideal location due to the many spirits that reside there. Headless knight from the battle of Evesham, Mary the Tudor Lady, a faceless Monk and the terrifying dark figure with a white scream-like face!  If you fancy a meal before the event we are meeting at the Royal Oak, which is near Spirit House.  The food is at your own cost...

Spirit House  

Our last event of the year is a good chance to get together with you all before Christmas and at the same time have an exciting night of paranormal investigation.  To make your evening more enjoyable we have organised a meal before the investigation, which is optional and at your own cost.



from the woods, hence the name was born!  Straight from a horror movie there have also been reports of phantom footsteps and sinister whispering emanating from thick fog rolling from within the woods.  It is believed that the woods are haunted by the souls of the many people who have met their doom and are still seen today in the form of ghostly black shadows that can be seen weaving their way through the undergrowth.  In 1948 there was the Dering Woods massacre, 20 corpses plied high were discovered by the police, and incidentally this case was quickly closed and subsequently covered up.