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Skirrid Inn the Spirit of Darkness

Saturday 3rd September 2016

Only £61

District: Abergavenny

Time: 7:30pm until 3am

Our next ghost hunting adventure takes the Enigma Experiment to the oldest pub in Wales.  A location steeped in history and legend that dates back to 1110.  Superstition encouraged the innkeeper of those early years to pure a pot of Devils brew for his satanic majesty, one pot was placed on a shelf above the fireplace and one on the doorstep outside Inn to keep out evil or mischievous spirits of the darkness at bay.  The Skirrid Inn at that time was used as a public meeting place as well as an alehouse.  Between 1100 and 1485 it is believed Manorial Courts were held at the Inn with the first floor being used as a court room.  A “mezzanine” floor, halfway up the stairs to the courtroom was used to house the prisoners whilst awaiting their fate.  It was at the bottom of the staircase where many of the prisoners met there untimely end.  A beam at the top of the staircase still shows the hanging rope scorch and drag marks as it tugged furiously with the dead weight of the dangling corps. It is believed that 180 people were hanged at the Skirrid Inn between the 12th and 17th centuries many of which by the hands of the master hangman, Bloody Judge Jeffreys between 1644 – 1689. 

The Inn has many recorded incidents of paranormal activity, from people being violently pushed to full and partial manifestations. The spirits of the darkness are already within the Skirrid Inn, the Innkeepers satanic majesty was not appeased...

Skirrid Inn

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