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The Pentimento Experiment at Cooks Corner Session 8

Saturday 13th January 2018

 Only £25

 District: Hartlepool

Time: 9pm until 3am

 Cooks Corner 13th January 2018 Pay in Full Session 8

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The Pentimento Experiment is a series of experiments to achieve Karmic Transmigration which is taking several months to get to where we want to be with the experiment. We have successfully transferred the energy of our spirit friend called David from a spirit board to a canvas which we have already achieved amazing results.  The aim of the Pentimento Experiment is to find more about David’s past life and to prove that there is intelligent life after death by communicating with David via different forms of spirit communication. Most of the sessions will be held at Cooks Corner in Hartlepool.  A location which has been carefully chosen for its high levels of paranormal activity. The location is and will not be overworked to ensure that it remains active and to ensure this it is exclusive to Enigma Paranormal Events.

Cooks Corner Session 6