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The Haunting of Salford Hall

Saturday  29th August 2020

 Only £29

 District: Evesham

Time: 9pm until 2am

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Salford Hall in Evesham was built in 1470, a dwelling for the monks of Evesham Abbey. The initiator of the monk’s magnificent building was Abbot Richard Hawesbury, who believed in having the finer things of life. He spared no expense in decorating the building to satisfy the lifestyle he was accustomed to.  Colourful stained glass shields record the influential families with whom Salford Hall’s owners were related. 


Salford Hall has had many inhabitants in its golden years, when Abbot Richard Hawesbury moved out a Tudor family moved in, followed by the next dwellers when Salford Hall was converted into a nunnery by a group of nuns that escaped from France during the French Revolution. After their departure the house sat empty for over 150 years.


The new owner had some trouble finding anyone to lease the building due to the property gaining a reputation of being haunted. The most commonly reported apparition is that of a nun, statements by the staff and guests of the hotel say when the spectre of the nun is seen, she is often reported with a grief stricken look on her face and her cheeks stained by tears. Legend tells of a young nun of noble birth who was viciously attacked and murdered while reciting her daily prayers. Her attacker was never brought to justice and it is believed this is why her soul is still not at rest today.


The stable boy is often seen walking round the outside of the building, he vanishes shortly after being seen, followed by a foul stench that lingers for a short while. It is not known why he still haunts the hotel.


The reception of the hotel is not at peace either, the ghost of two monks has been known to abruptly appear and walk through the reception area before disappearing through a wall.  Priests have also been seen walking through the courtyard.


One of the most unpleasant experiences reported at the Hall is that of a dark intimidating shadow, several staff members have reported the unnerving sensation of being watched by something extremely unpleasant.


You will be taking part in vigils, séance’s, experiments and much more in this exciting paranormal investigation of Salford Hall Evesham.  For those who like to use equipment you will also be given some free time too.

Salford Hall