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Ultimate Haunted UK Ryecroft Hall

Saturday  3rd November 2018

 Only £25

 District: Audenshaw

Time: 9pm until 3am

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Ultimate Haunted UK Paranormal Event

Hosted and filmed by Michael Postlethwaite in association with Physical medium John Blackburn who will be bringing you the Ultimate in paranormal investigation at Ryecroft Hall in Manchester.  Your night will include equipment based vigils, unique spirit energy experiments, Victorian Séance and for those of you who want to get closer to the spirit residents of Ryecroft Hall we will be demonstrating trance mediumship and transfiguration!  This fascinating night will be filmed for the popular Youtube channel “Ultimate Haunted UK TV!

Grade 2 listed Ryecroft Hall dates back to 1849, the house was sold to Buckley family, who owned the cotton mills at Ryecroft and in 1885 was passed over to Liberal MP Abel Buckley.  During the First World War Ryecroft Hall became a hospital with over 100 beds and utilising the cellar of the property as a mortuary for some of the ill-fated victims of war.

Rycroft Hall has gain the reputation of being one of the most haunted locations in Greater Manchester with reports of poltergeist activity, ghostly apparitions, extreme changes in temperature and the strong oppressive feeling in the cellar that some believe is the epicentre of the haunting of Ryecroft Hall!

Ryecroft Hall