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Ultimate Haunted UK Team & Public Paranormal Event at RAF Binbrook

Saturday 29th September

 Only £15

 District: Lincolnshire

Saturday 9pm until 3am

 Pay in Full

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RAF Binbrook paranormal investigation will be open to teams as well as the general public, so it will enable us to keep cost as low as possible for what will be a fantastic experience...

Michael Postlethwaite from Ultimate Haunted UK and Physical Medium John Blackburn are teaming up to give you the ultimate in paranormal investigation at RAF Binbrook in Lincolnshire.

RAF Binbrook was opened in June 1940 as a Bomber Command station in the isolated countryside of Lincolnshire where it has been home of several Bomber Squadrons, including the famous Vickers Wellington MK II and MK III.  After the opening of RAF Binbrook the first residents arrived on 3rd July 1940, bringing with them their Fairey Battle's.  Both squadrons were bombed up and placed on standby almost at once due to the war with Germany.

Could it be that the paranormal activity that is being experienced at the station be due to the many pilots that were killed during the war effort and the last place they felt drawn to before flying overseas during the bombing raids would have been the safety of RAF Binbrook, which must have played a large part in their daily lives.  There have been many ghostly sightings at Binbrook, many described as RAF personnel.

On the night you will be taking part in vigils, equipment experiments with Michael Postlethwaite and unique Physical mediumship experiments and vigils with John Blackburn.  This location is getting the reputation of being a very active location and with the techniques that will be used on the night it will make for a very interesting investigation... 

Please Note: you will be filmed on the night for Ultimate Haunted UK TV Youtube Channel.

RAF Binbrook