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John Blackburn and Physical Earth at the Pluckley Village

Saturday  17th Nov 2018

 Only £45

 District: Ashford Kent

Time: 5pm until 2am

Pluckley Village Deposit £25

Pluckley Village Balance £20

 Pluckley Village Pay in Full

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Join John Blackburn Physical Medium on an amazing night at Britain’s most haunted village for an evening of two paranormal investigations! Your evening will start at the infamous Screaming Woods.  This will be the first investigation of the evening, which will be filmed for a new “Physical Earth” YouTube documentary channel.  After the Screaming Woods we will be making our way to Pluckley Village for a two course evening meal at the extremely haunted Black Horse Inn and to conclude this amazing night our second part of the investigation will finish at the Black Horse Inn to wrap up the ultimate fright night experience! 

Pluckley Village is renowned for its hauntings and mysteries.  Although no longer monitored Pluckley Village is still registered in the “Guinness Book of Records” for being Britain’s most haunted village, and with this in mind we have decided to take you on a paranormal adventure that will take you to the edge of your seat!  There are many spirits and ghost that reside in the Village of Pluckley, some recognized as long dead members of the local Dering family and others remain anonymous.  The Dering family moved to the district during the English Civil War when Charles ll was on the throne, he was impressed in their loyalty to the crown and granted them an estate in Pluckley Village. 

To this day there is a haunting of what is said to be the beautiful lady Dering who was buried in a coffin with a red rose placed upon her breast at the village church yard.  She has been seen on numerous occasions and it is said she is said to be carrying flowers as she still looks for her lost child.

The manor that was occupied by the Dering family was called “Surrenden Dering,” which unfortunately burnt down in 1952, this is also haunted by the Dering family, and yet another ghostly apparition of a white lady.  The local pub “The Black Horse Inn” is one of the locations we will be visiting and even this location has a legacy for the Dering family influence.  The pub has a slight connection with the family when Lord Dering narrowly escaped death when he escaped from Parliamentary soldiers when he fled through a unique design of window which Lord Dering copied the design at “Surrenden Dering.” 

The Black Horse Inn has its own ghosts, one of which is a menacing poltergeist, and opposite the Inn is the spirit which is said to be that of a school master who hanged himself from a nearby tree from where he hung 200 years ago.

The Screaming Woods

These woods are known to be one the most haunted woods in England. The woods are located near to the village of Pluckley.  The woods have a long record of crime, murder and tragedy. Many people have reported to hear blood curdling screams coming

Pluckley Village and the Screaming Woods


from the woods, hence the name was born!  Straight from a horror movie there have also been reports of phantom footsteps and sinister whispering emanating from thick fog rolling from within the woods.  It is believed that the woods are haunted by the souls of the many people who have met their doom and are still seen today in the form of ghostly black shadows that can be seen weaving their way through the undergrowth.  In 1948 there was the Dering Woods massacre, 20 corpses plied high were discovered by the police, and incidentally this case was quickly closed and subsequently covered up.