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Ghosts of Penrhyn Old Hall

Saturday  9th April 2022

 Only £25

 District: Llandudno

Time: 9pm until 3am

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Join John Blackburn on this new investigation. Penrhyn Old Hall used to be a Tudor mansion dating back to the early 16th century.The House was then owned by the Pugh family, who sheltered Catholic priest when Protestantism was the sole permitted religion. The Pugh family were discovered for harbouring priest in a “priest hole” in the old chapel outside Penrhyn Old Hall, which is now derelict. Robert Pugh and William Davies, a local Catholic fled for their lives, but unfortunately William was captured and hanged, drawn and quartered in Beaumaris.  Penrhyn Old Hall is said to have numerous ghost, one of a monk who walks the passage ways.  Another is a ghost of a young girl, who haunts the stairway who was murdered by her sisters to prevent her marrying out of the Catholic faith. In the function room there is a ghost of bad tempered young man and a soldier who is said to be frustrated by not being able to go to war.

Penrhyn Old Hall