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The Enigma Experiment


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Oakraven Weekend the Unveiling of Pandora's Box

Friday  17th to Sunday 19th September 2021

 Only £75

 District: Gloucestershire

4 Places Available

Oakraven Paranormal Weekend Deposit £40

Oakraven Paranormal Weekend Balance £80

 Oakraven Paranormal Weekend Pay in Full £80

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Join John Blackburn Physical Medium on a paranormal Weekend adventure like no other!  Two nights of paranornmal investigation, a mystery guest speaker, investigating the dark and foreboding Forest of Dean and a unique chance to take part in one of the darkest experiments we have devised yet!  WARNING... For those taking part in the Pandora's box Experiment this is not for those with a nervous disposition...

The main part of the building was built in 1878 and is ideally situated in the Forest of Dean.

The Forest of Dean covers some 27,000 acres and is one of England's largest ares of ancient woodlands.

There have been some strange reports at Oakraven which range from banging in the middle of the night and ghostly shadows.  Mediums/psychics have picked up information connected to 2 monks, one of which they sensed was quite peaceful and the second monk they sensed to be malevolent. 

10 minutes walk from Oakraven is the enigmatic St Anthony's Well, an ancient spring whose name dates from the medieval period, which is fed from a nearby spring in woodlands near Gun's Mill Farm.

The well was built by the Cistercian monks of Flaxley Abbey and has steps down into its waters, which are thought to have magical curative properties.

Optional Extras. Full English breakfast available on each morning and a three course evening meal on Friday night only.

Oakraven and Pandora's box experiment



from the woods, hence the name was born!  Straight from a horror movie there have also been reports of phantom footsteps and sinister whispering emanating from thick fog rolling from within the woods.  It is believed that the woods are haunted by the souls of the many people who have met their doom and are still seen today in the form of ghostly black shadows that can be seen weaving their way through the undergrowth.  In 1948 there was the Dering Woods massacre, 20 corpses plied high were discovered by the police, and incidentally this case was quickly closed and subsequently covered up.