The Enigma Experiment

The Enigma Experiment


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Event Details 

The North East Aircraft Museum and the Enigma Experiment 

Saturday 8th April 2017

Only £39

District: Sunderland

Time: 9pm until 3am

There have been numerous reports of paranormal activity over the years at the North East Aircraft Museum.  So much so that it attracted the attention of Most Haunted, the museum was featured on Living TV in 2006.  Since then it has been subjected to many paranormal groups who have experienced many strange experiences which has raised the museums profile as being one of the most haunted in the region. The location took our interest too and after visiting the location several times over the year it is now one of our favourite locations which has never disappointed. Join the Enigma Experiment as will take you to one of the most active locations we have encountered.  The North East Aircraft Museum not only gives you a fascinating insight into the history of aviation but also a journey into the paranormal world of the souls that lost their lives whilst flying some of the aircraft. One of the new hangers that have recently been built at the museum is believed to be on top of an old plague pit. Could this be adding energy to this extremely haunted location?


North East Aircraft Museum


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