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Event Details 

Norfolk Paranormal Weekend

Friday 12th Saturday 13th May 2017

Only £125

District: Great Yarmouth

Time: 9pm until 3am, both nights...

Jasmine Restaurant start 6pm 13th May 

Join me, John Blackburn and the Enigma Experiment in mid-east coast of England for spine chilling weekend of the paranormal in Norfolk for two nights of ghost hunting and unique Enigma experiments in two of Great Yarmouth’s most haunted locations!  To start your weekend I am taking you to the Tolhouse Museum which was built around 800 years ago, a place of crime and punishment. Over the years has been a home and final resting place for pirates, robbers and murderers. You can feel a heavy atmosphere as you walk in the build, which is hardly surprising for a location that has had a history of misery and death!   

On my second night I will be taking you to “The Elizabethan House” which during the English Civil War was a regular meeting place for Parliamentarians; it is believed that the fate of Charles I was decided here... When I visited the location in the daytime to check it out for our weekend, again the atmosphere was positively charged, certainly a location with a number of surprises during the twilight hours....

To make your event even more enjoyable we have organised a Chinese Banquet on the Saturday night at the Jasmine Restaurant in Rollesby, Norfolk.  Your banquet will consist of the following menu....

Starters: Choice of 4 plus Prawn Crackers

Mains: Usually 2 Chinese dishes, 2 Thai dishes with either chicken, beef, pork or King Prawn.

Sides: Fried rice, Boiled rice, chips and cow mein noodles.

Desserts: Usually tarts, cheesecakes or selection of ice cream.

Norfolk Paranormal Weekend

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