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Halsham House Paranormal Investigation

Saturday  9th March 2019

 Only £25

 District: Halsham, East Riding of Yorkshire

Time: 9pm until 3am

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Take Part in unique experiments, Victoria Séance’s , ghost hunting vigils and much more with John Blackburn at one of East Yorkshire’s oldest residential homes dating back to approximately 1584. Halsham House is an outstanding Elizabethan period residence; the grand building sits in the village of Halsham a village and civil parish in the East Riding of Yorkshire.  The house has been an arms house, a convent and a school which provided schooling for village children until 1947. The property has that classic haunted house feeling to it and there are many stories of the paranormal kind, including poltergeist activity!  We want to give you the very best experience we can and with this in mind we have limited the places to 10 only.  John Blackburn will take you on a back to basics paranormal investigation, lifting the veil to the other world, a journey into the unknown!  If you have the courage you will be offered the opportunity in taking part in the “Kelpie Experiment,” a lone vigil designed to encourage poltergeist activity!  

Halsham House