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Ghosts of the Vernon Institute

Saturday  25th April 2020

 Only £25

 District: Chester

Time: 9pm until 2am

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Built between the 18th and 19th Centuries the Vernon Institute was given to the villagers of Saughall approximately 100 years ago.  Dating back to Tudor times this magnificent building with its clock tower, which was erected later in the building life in memory of T.J Vernon who died in 1919.   The Vernon Institute has had a varied history from being used by villages to bath for the sum of 4d, 2d if you brought your own towel.  Like many historical locations the institute supported the war effort by acting as a war hospital during the First Would War.  Casualties were many and unfortunately there would have been many fatalities. Many hospitals hold memories from the past and The Vernon Institute is without exception, drops in temperature and unexplained dark shadows are just some of the unexplained phenomena.  There ia a long history of paranormal incidents relating to two dead child killers whose spirit are said to roam between the Vernon Institute and the Greyhound Public House.  Both spirits are said to be very active and nasty, one of which is thought to be a priest.  

Vernon Institute