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Looking forward to meeting you on your event at “Skidbrooke Church.”  To ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible please read the instructions below. Please can you also reply to this email with your guests names for our fire regulations list and a contact number you will be using on the night in case you need my assistance.  


You’re event details for Skidbrook Church


·         Date: Friday 11th October 2019

·         Event time 10pm until 2am (Please arrive 30 minutes before the start time)  

·          Please Note:  Skidbrooke Church is a public place and open to anyone, therefore we are only charging for our expenses and not for the  location.   

·         If you are having any problems on the night please contact  077424 38881 or 07935 567482

·        Address: Church Lane, Skidbrooke, Louth, LN11 . 

·         There is no parking available at the church, however if you drive passed the church you will see a layby near the folk in the road, which you will see on Google Maps.

Skidbrooke Church Google Maps

·         Terms and conditions 

·         It is important that you bring your own torch.  Warm clothing is advised on any overnight investigation.  On this occasion you will have to bring your own beverages becasue there is no electricity. 

·         Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to take part on the event and will be asked to leave immediately.  

·         Above all I hope you have an amazing evening with me at one of the UK’s most haunted locations.   

·         If you would like to book any future events please check on the website. Thank you   

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Skidbrooke Church