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Physical Mediumship and the paranormal at Cooks Corner

Saturday 8th Sept 2018

Only £15

 District: Hartlepool

Time: 9pm until 3am

 Cooks Corner 24th June Pay in Full Session 6

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Join John Blackburn in a night of Physical Mediumship and the paranormal. This is an invigorating journey exploring different forms of communication with spirit! On the night you will be taking part in experiments, a Victorian Séance, a transfiguration session, energy workshop, and for those who are brave enough a lone vigil in a cellar which could possibly be one of the most haunted you have encountered! The location is at Cooks Corner in Hartlepool which has been specially chosen for its high levels of paranormal activity. The location is and will not be overworked to ensure that it remains active, therefore this is a rare opportunity to investigate one of the most haunted locations in the North East of England...     

To make your evening more enjoyable this event will also includes a fish and chip supper!  Book now as there are limited places available.

Cooks Corner Session 6