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The Enigma Experiment


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12 Hour Lockdown at The Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre

Saturday  5th March 2022

 Only £25

 District: Hinckley Leicestershire

Time: 8pm until 8am

 Priest House Pay in Full

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Join John Blackburn Physical Medium in one of the strangest nights you will possibly encounter!  “The Haunted Antques Paranormal Research Centre” is situated on Regent Street in Hinckley and offers a sizable collection of around 50 reputedly haunted antiques.  Veteran paranormal researcher Neil Packer accumulated the haunted antiques during his paranormal career.  Even the building itself is haunted, adding more exciting adventure to this strange and eerie location, and to add a twist to your evening John Blackburn Physical Medium will be conducting an unusual experiment by bringing his painting which has an attached spirit named David to the location.  Is it possible by bringing an outside entity into the Haunted Antques Paranormal Research Centre affect the level of activity in the building?  During this 12 hour lockdown we will be focusing on building the energy and you will be taking part in séances, vigils and you can even try your hand at Psychometry! You will also be given time to conduct your own experiments and free time too...The Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre